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Class B: CAMINO-108
How to connect CAMINO-108 to external RS-232 device?
How do I install CAMINO-108/W/S Windows Driver on my PC?
The transmitting LED (Green color) is not illuminated, why?
The Red Error LED indication at CAMINO-108 is illuminated, why?
CAMINO-108 receives AIS signals normally, but no one in the surrounding can see me, why?
Even though my CAMINO-108 is transmitting, why do some vessels with AIS take a long time to see my vessel name or not see it at all?
My MMSI is being received by other vessels but my vessel name is not shown on their chart plotter or PC, why?
No data is being received by chart plotter, why?
The silent mode (Tx off) on CAMINO-108 is not working, why?
What are the updated NMEA2000 PGN CAMINO-108/108W/108S supports?
What NMEA0183 sentences does CAMINO-108/108W/108S support?
What type of SD-card and maximum memory size can I use?
What navigation information will the SD data logger of CAMINO-108/108W/108S record?
Where can I download the Free complimentary App for my CAMINO-108W?
How do I operate the complimentary AMEC AIS App?
Can I change the SSID of the CAMINO-108W?
Can I change the Wi-Fi password of CAMINO-108W?
How many devices can be pair with CAMINO-108W?
Can I connect CAMINO-108W to my existing router?
Where can I obtain further technical support?
How to display AIS Targets on your Macintosh via OpenCPN?
What to do when your AIS Class B transponder is assigned with a Com Port number which already exists in Windows system?

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