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A crucial factor to AMEC’s success in pursuing its mission is the execution of precise manufacturing. Since the very start, we have ensured our products meeting high quality standards by taking the production mainly at our own plant in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The ISO 9001 certified production facilities are fully automated and equipped with the latest cutting-edge equipments to achieve high production levels while maintaining the highest quality.

For years, AMEC has put "lean-production" philosophy into practice in the production lines. Through the practice we are able to relocate valuable resources flexibly as a means to gain maximum production throughput and to satisfy the requirements of our clients and partners. In addition, benefiting from Taiwan’s fledged electronic industrial supply chain, AMEC can quickly provide solutions to meet the demands from the fast changing industry.

Quality and on-time-delivery are AMEC’s strengths and objectives to fulfill customer needs. Our experienced manufacturing team operates under strict procedures to ensure final products will perform precisely in users’ hands. And, our records have shown our continuously efforts making delivery on time. Essentially, customer satisfaction is AMEC’s ultimate goal.

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